deep and hmmm

Doesn’t make sense? Remember that Sunday school song that goes “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide” and you repeat it but leave out some words and hum them instead?  Ewan is getting very long but not so wide.  Still doesn’t make sense?  Well, I tried.

At just barely over 3 months old, Ewan is 26.25 inches.  For his age, that’s above the highest line (97 percentile) on the growth charts!  We’re not sure exactly how much he now weighs, but our estimate puts him weighing less than most (older) babies at that length despite his thunder thighs.

Here’s Ewan at 2 and 4 days old on the changing pad…

and Ewan at 3 months and 4 days on the same pad (not at all happy I put him on it and made him wait on me to find the camera). Ah, the days when we couldn’t stop him from falling asleep. They seem so long ago.

We’re hoping he will take after our dads and breach the 6 foot mark one day.

You know, I don’t think I could blog anymore if someone took away the parenthesis and comma keys on our keyboard. No way.


One thought on “deep and hmmm

  1. i am thinking he will take after his great, great uncle and hit 6 foot 7 inches, of course, you were suppose to be 6 foot

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