Pampers, I’m disappointed.

Nope, I didn’t get pooped on today (knock on wood).  We exclusively use Pampers diapers because we’re not getting as many leaks, actually.

Pampers has a feature on their website showing how much less waste their new diapers produce (less diaper material, not less poop… that would be strange, like those shaving gels that make you grow less hair).  It asks how many babies in diapers you have and their ages then gives you the weight and compares it to rubber ducks, bananas or pacifiers.  Of course, I chose rubber ducks.

I thought, “What a great idea!  The math is so easy, this would be a breeze to program and give people a visual (a pile of bananas) to help them remember!”

Then I got my result:

Wow.  No, I’m not amazed at the trash difference over the entire time my child is in diapers.  I’m disappointed.

“62 pounds That’s heavier than 624 rubber duckies!”  Okay, the trash is heavier than the ducks.  I understand that not everyone uses a non-digital scale, so let’s think about a see-saw.  A fat man is on one side and a skinny man on the other.  Which side is down?


And how hard would it be to make it look like the trash / ducks are actually sitting on the scale (or at least close)?  I’m assuming they always round down so that the trash is heavier than the objects, so it would always go to the same spot, right?  Thanks to a friend in computer animation living with us for a while, I am also annoyed that the ducks / trash have shadows but the scales do not.


Hopefully my little rant has helped you see that constant blog posts about my baby aren’t so bad after all. ;)  Speaking of, I’ve got two babies this afternoon and they are currently both asleep!

To make the grandparents happy… here are Ewan and June.  (She’s 6 days older than him, but he’s always outweighed her.)  They’ve both grown and the mommies have shrunk since June (the month).  Our little guy is pale even for a baby!  June’s such a cute little girl.

Hmm, those socks are smaller than I thought…


3 thoughts on “Pampers, I’m disappointed.

  1. I agree – seems like as much money as Pampers makes, they could at least afford to hire someone that would know which direction to put the scales. And being a grandparent, i do like what else goes on with you, just as long as Ewan is in the blog too. by the way – you need to get out more.

    • For the record, I was entering pampers points (you get points for buying pampers) online so that I could get free coupons when I happened across the error. I wasn’t just surfing the net with my free time! And you’re still right, I need to get out more.

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