4 months old update

Ewan is getting super cute and fun.  Hopefully soon I’ll get some videos up of some of his favorite games to play with us.  Between Ewan and us, there is a lot of laughter in our home right now.

Ewan has a crooked smile that is almost as sweet as his open-mouthed grin.  It’s fun because most people say he looks more like Joe, but that smile is from me.

At his 4 month appointment on Monday Ewan weighed exactly 17 pounds and was 26 inches long.  We’re thinking the 26.25 measurement at just past 3 months must of been wrong.  Length is hard to measure when you can’t just tell them to stand up straight. :)  Still, he’s around 90th percentile for length and weight.

He didn’t feel too great after four injections (immunizations).

Here’s how he has grown so far!


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