Ewan’s First Fall

Looking for cute baby pictures with wonderful Fall leaves?

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of Fall, and the first Fall for baby Ewan.

If only that were what I was writing about.

Saturday afternoon, Ewan had his first {lowercase} fall.

He’s getting quite good at standing when he’s holding on to things (doing amazing considering he just turned 4 months old).  A friend gave him a play table (Thanks, Whitney!) and I wanted to take a video of him playing at it.

The thing is, you have to be a few feet away for the camera to get his whole body in the shot.  So I started filming, took a step back to get him in the frame, then realized he was letting go of the table and stepping back.  I tossed the camera and grabbed him at the same time he hit the floor.  He fell straight back like a solid plank, no knee- or waist-bending.  It’s a sad video, and I cut out about 15 more seconds of crying (he recovered quickly), Joe saying “What happened?” and me saying “I’msosorryI’msosorryI’msosorry” many more times.  He didn’t get any bruises from his little fall, and I think it hurt me more emotionally.

He’s a video of him standing about 15 minutes later… with Joe as a spotter.

It’s been hard / busy the last couple of weeks and Ewan is having a rough time with reflux and napping.  If it looks like I’m blogging a lot, it’s because I take some time one day and then schedule posts for the next few days. :)


2 thoughts on “Ewan’s First Fall

  1. I’m so sorry for getting you guys a video camera so you could neglect your poor son (my grandson), but i truly enjoy all the videos – i miss Ewan so much

  2. Don’t feel too bad… John rolled off the couch last week… what makes it worse is that he hit his head on the coffee table on the way down. Like Ewan he recovered almost as soon as I got him in my arms and there were no bumps or bruises… but emotionally I’m still feeling it. I sound like such a bad Mother when I tell people that he rolled off the couch but I just got into the bad habbit of putting him on the couch and going to get something.

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