Grandpa Larry and Grandma Kay visit

Last weekend Ewan was held constantly and got all the attention he could imagine (as well as many gifts).

That’s right, a set of grandparents was in town. (Ewan is 20 weeks old, just shy of 5 months.)

It’s hard to take good pictures with a baby, but we make up for it with quantity.  We end up with one good picture for the wall (like above), but many more fun ones that seem more like life.  I like this one because you can see a reflection of Joe trying to make Ewan smile.  And look how long he is when he’s not scrunched up!

My parents gave Ewan a swing for outside, finally adding the swing to our swingset (which for a long time was just a slide).  Ewan had actually tried a swing in a park (first time to swing) with pretty much the same reaction – indifference.  I’m sure he’ll like the swing more as he gets a little older.

If you’re only going to watch one video, watch the other one.  This video is only remarkable in that several adults can be so excited about something which the baby seems to not care much about at all.

Saturday night, Joe and I went to his coworker’s wedding.  Ewan did okay with the grandparent, but still won’t drink much from a bottle (this was his third time).  Maybe he knows the bare minimum he can drink to quench the thirst and make it until Mommy gets home.  However, Ewan clearly does better than his mother when we’re apart.

Ewan has been interested in our food and drinks for a while now.  He tries to grab plates, utensils, glasses, and water bottles.  We sometimes let him bring the cups or water bottles to his mouth, but he doesn’t tilt the glass or drink any. In this video you can also see how he’s now reaching for things / people he wants.  It’s very sweet when he leans over and reaches out to be held by you.  He’s very glad to be held by Daddy when he comes home from work.  It’s funny that he now will reach for a toy if you take him away from it before he’s done.  (The video was taken at The Kettle – legally they must be smoke-free 100% of the time here so don’t judge us. ;) )

The liquid on his face is just drool.  He’s clearly having a lot of tooth pain lately (you can’t see any teeth yet).

It was a nice weekend, and of course a couple of small house /car projects got done, too.  I also bought plants that will hopefully make it to the garden bed soon!  I’ll have no excuse to avoid salad if it’s growing in the back yard!


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