Missing Daddy

Ewan and I are in San Antonio visiting my sister & brother-in-law!  Unfortunately, Joe is at home (silly thing called work).  It will be a long 4 days and we both miss Joe.

The night before we left Joe played with Ewan while I packed.  I heard tons of laughing from the other room and caught a little of it on camera. (He’s 5 months old today, so just shy of it in this video.)

Ewan certainly loves playing with his daddy.

Joe guessed that he would miss some new things Ewan started doing this week, and it turns out he was right.  Ewan loves to smack his lips now.  This is the first thing that I can do and he’ll copy consistently (other things are hit and miss).  Here’s a short clip from this morning.

And why learn to crawl to get a toy out of reach when you can just pull the blanket to get it closer to you?

Joe, maybe your “work smarter, not harder” talk worked.  We miss you!


One thought on “Missing Daddy

  1. Aww, that makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I’d forgotten that we’d already had the “work smarter, not harder” talk. Does sound like something I’d say, though. Can’t take credit for it, unfortunately – that goes to our old friend Scrooge McDuck.

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