Visiting the Looney House, part 1

Ewan and I spent most of this last week visiting my sister and brother-in-law (the Looneys) in San Antonio.

We had fun, and I got to relax and read some for-fun books.

We planned to get cute pictures of Ewan and went to a nearby pumpkin patch.  Twice.

215.  That’s how many pictures we took of Ewan.  Seriously.  For once, he wasn’t interested in the camera.  Pumpkins, hay, little kids, and cars driving by got most of his attention.  We did come away with a few cute ones, but he held back on the smiles.

I think this is my favorite one.  He just kept pulling pumpkins to himself.  The stems made for a perfect sized baby handle.  Also, you can see his royal blue eyes (beautiful, but not as light as Joe’s or with as much green as mine… all Ewan).

I’ll follow with a post that includes more pumpkin pics. :)


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