Tonight a tooth broke through on Ewan’s bottom right gum!  I was 6+ months and Joe was 8 when the first tooth poked through, so this is a little earlier than we expected.  He’s been drooling a lot and chewing on anything he can get his mouth on since he was 2 months old, so we long ago quit expecting a tooth any day.

We just moved him to his crib (from sleeping in our room overnight) Friday night, so we blamed his problems sleeping  on that (which I’m sure is mostly the case).  It’s good to know the little guy deserves a little more sympathy and some teething tablets.

It is easy to feel the tooth, but hard to get Ewan to let us get a look at it.  So no pictures yet, but as soon as he’s willing to show off the tooth, you can bet there will be plenty!


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