Ewan responds to celery much like his mom…

His face said, “This tastes awful… but feels better.  What are you doing to me?”  At first he kept making the most sad faces, but would continue to chew and put it back in when it fell out.  I’ve got a video to post soon that will show his over-dramatic sad face – it invokes pity and laughter simultaneously.

We’re planning to start Ewan on non-milk foods on his 6 month birthday tomorrow.  Today Ewan wanted to gnaw EVERYTHING, so I thought I’d make use of this little device…

to let him chew on something with taste instead of teething toys.  Since it’s eaten raw and we had some, I let him have celery this way.  After he was done there was drool everywhere, but he seemed happier.  The remaining piece of celery looked so bad I almost felt sorry for it.

all done and covered in drool – next time a bib will be involved

and showing off those teeth (the way he’s acting they won’t be the only two in there for long)

here’s a clip of him munching (he multitasks – trying to grab the camera) for the first-time grandparents:


3 thoughts on “Ewan responds to celery much like his mom…

  1. I haven’t seen the baby feeder device before. Looking forward to the celery eating video. It sounds like a riot. You can’t see the drool in the post-celery-mauling picture above but the smile is great.

    • Actually, that is the celery-eating video (in this post). I have another from when he was sick last week and making very pathetic faces, hopefully I’ll get that edited and up soon. I wiped his face, but all the darker brown spots on his shirt (and darker orange on his pants) are wet spots from drool. :)

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