Funny Baby & 6 month appointment

Between short spouts of screaming (for tooth pain), Ewan has been very cute lately.  I’m still expecting teeth to pop through any day now.

For some reason, he likes to back up under couches at home and friends’ homes whenever he gets the chance.

The first time he did it I caught him looking like this:

That pad his hand is on is a king-sized mattress pad on the floor that I had set him in the middle of only a minute before.

Yesterday he tried his first solid food without milk mixed into it (like we did for oatmeal and banana).  It had a different taste he wasn’t so sure about.  My favorite reactions are between 18 and 31 seconds.  I love all his fun, over-dramatic facial expressions.  Unfortunately, the sad ones are the funniest.


Ewan also had his 6 month appointment (a week late) today.  He always is worn out a couple of days after immunizations and I didn’t want him (nor I) to have to deal with that while he’s cutting teeth.  But I figured I couldn’t put it off any longer.

He weighed 19 lbs 9 ounces and measured 28.75 inches long.

I was excited to come across this 0-36 month growth chart – it’s much easier (and more precise!) than plotting it yourself.  You can even bookmark the page and it will remember the measurements you put in for next time!  Thanks, person I don’t know! (I edited it slightly since we are at 6 out of 36 months.)  Ewan’s the length of an average 10 month old.  Hopefully we’ll be able to use his carseat for a bit longer (it’s good until 30″ – at this rate until around 8 – 9 months).


One thought on “Funny Baby & 6 month appointment

  1. His “gag me with a spoon” reaction notwithstanding, I noticed Ewan reached for the food to put in his mouth again. I thought the expressions were terrific.

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