baby laughs

Ewan has had a lot of trouble sleeping the past few weeks.  It’s been one thing after another (sickness, travel, food allergies, teething, shots…) so things have been harder than they were for a while.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of joyful moments with Ewan around.

Ewan laughs.  It’s great.  Even though he’s been laughing several months, it gets better and better.

He laughs at random things.  For example, Saturday Joe was carrying clingy-Ewan around and sweeping up dust bunnies.  Joe tapped the broom against the floor to knock off the dust and Ewan cracked up!  He kept laughing every time Joe did it and I recorded a little of it (Joe is smiling and encouraging him in the video, but he started out laughing about it on his own.):

He laughs and squeals when we eat/tickle him (put our mouth anywhere near his stomach or neck and and make nom-nom noises).

Probably thanks to that last one, when I took him to his 6 month well check last week and the doctor put the stethoscope up to his chest he kept hysterically laughing.  It took the doctor a while to hear him breath normally, and Ewan was happy to have him keep trying.  The doctor said, “If you keep being this cute my nurse will refuse to give you shots!”

The funniest is Ewan’s nerve-dispelling laugh.  The first time we noticed was a few weeks ago when we were in the backyard.  I was holding Ewan and Joe was showing him how to play disc golf (yes, already and yes, we have a disc golf basket in our backyard that I fixed up).  The first time the disc hit the chains, the loud sound make Ewan jump and hold on tight.  The second time one went in he laughed hysterically!  Joe pointed out that he must have inherited the Peebles way of using humor to cope with difficult situations.


2 thoughts on “baby laughs

  1. What a gifted child…he laughs when brooms hit the floor…I can’t wait to have him visit and watch me sweep the kitchen floor, or vacuum the living room.
    We cannot wait to see all of you on Thanksgiving Day…taking time to be with family is very special.
    Thanks for the videos.
    Grandma Glo

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