First words!

And the winner is…


The best part is the face he makes when he says it:

Not flattering on film, but hilarious in person.  Scrunched up nose and eyes, entire top gum line showing and tongue waggling.

Not only does he make a special face every time he says Dada, he also says it in an octave close to one only dogs can hear.  It’s funny because his little voice is all over, including some low growls lately.  But he seems to think English is tonal and always calls Dada with a very high pitch.

Ewan had been saying Dada and Mama a lot for a couple of weeks, but not really associating it with anyone.  Until yesterday.

The first time was when Joe left the room and he turned to look after him and said “Dadadadada” and was thrilled when Joe canceled the trip to the kitchen can came back to him.  Later when Joe picked him up, he did it again.  Today, when I got a phone call (actually not Joe), he got excited and said “Dadadada.” (Usually it is Joe and I let him see the picture of Joe that comes up and hear Joe’s voice.)  He’s done it more tonight and we caught one on video.  Enjoy (less than 7 seconds long):


One thought on “First words!

  1. dad and i can’t stop rolling on the floor. that is so cute, sounds totally opposite of the growl he was doing last week. Kathryn, what are you teaching your child?

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