7, er… 8 months!

I skipped the post for 7 months (December 11th), and lots has changed!

7 months so far

Well, not a lot has changed as far as what Ewan looks like.  He’s outgrown more clothes (he always gets too long even when there is room to grow width-wise), but still looks mostly the same.  However, these two months seem to have the biggest developmental changes so far!

8 months so far

At six months, Ewan could maneuver his body by rolling and (his favorite) pivoting on his stomach.

By Thanksgiving (6.5 months) Ewan was doing about 4 army crawls in a row to get a toy or his pacifier.

By 7 months, he was still army-crawling (with the occasional hands-and-knees crawl thrown in) fast.
You would look down for a few seconds and glance back up and he’d be across the room.  Or across the hall.  Trying to lick his reflection on the toilet.  Again.
It was hard because you couldn’t take your eyes off of him, but easy because he could get where he wanted without help and no longer let out frustrating cries when

By Christmas (7.5 months) things slowed back down when Ewan had decided that pulling up and walking along furniture was more desirable than crawling.  I’m not sure what motivated him to do it.  With the crawling we would help get him up and help him move forward (he crawled backwards first).  The pulling up and cruising thing was out of the blue!

By 8 months, he is happiest standing (with help of a stationary object).  He crawls on his hands (instead of forearms) and knees.  That started when he discovered it was easier to pull up by reaching with one hand with the other hand on the floor.  He also loves to walk holding on to your fingers.  Now he only crawls to get between things to stand on, or to play “find mommy” where I go in another room and call him and he crawls to find me.

By 8.5 months (now) he can stand for a second without holding onto anything and is great at falling (and landing on his bottom or hands).  He can walk holding on to only one hand, but is still faster and more confident with two.

A couple of days ago he was standing up against the door to his room and suddenly pulled on it a little.  The door moved toward him and he did a quick 4 steps backwards, then stopped and shouted at the door and then cried until I went and moved him away from the door.  I was proud that he was able react so quickly and not fall, and amused that the door acting different than a wall upset him so much.  He spends much of his playtime opening and shutting his door, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Well, that’s a brief summary of the last two months… it won’t be long until Ewan’s had as much time outside of by body as he did inside!  It’s hard to tell which has felt longer. :)


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