my friend at the park

For some reason (maybe the long week) I find myself going to the park on Friday afternoons.  I try to be social and invite other stay-at-home moms to come, but I think Ewan’s nap schedule is the opposite of his friends.  So while Ewan plays at the park, the camera is my friend and we take hundreds of pictures.  I have some amazing ones I’ve never shared, only because I can’t choose!  I looked through last Friday’s pictures and picked a few to share.

I need to take some photography lessons or something since taking photos has become a near-daily activity for me.  This time around I tried to be more aware of the shot and not just clicking away at those cute smiles.  (If only I knew what in the shot I was supposed to be aware of…)

Here we were playing peek-a-boo and he was just too cute.

(If he is a lefty, maybe he’ll have a killer knuckleball* with this grip)

This last one is at our storm door at home (waiting for Daddy to come).  At the time, I didn’t realize he was bending his fingers.
Or that I needed to wash the window.

Anyone know a good (maybe online) resource for beginning photography?  Sometimes I daydream of emailing a photo to one of my good-photographer friends and just asking them to crop it for me.  Not that I’m good at editing photos, but at least I can tell if it looks okay or not.  I don’t even know where to start with how to crop a photo.  Hmm.

*I know almost nothing about pitching.  I googled pitching grips to see if it actually looks like a knuckle ball grip.  After discovering that knuckleball was one word, I saw that it might look more like a splitter.  Since that sounds a pitch I just made it up, and there are probably only two of you who care, I left it as is.


One thought on “my friend at the park

  1. Love all the pix, especially the SHADOW PUPPET. i like all the shapes – circles, triangles, squares, parallel (?) lines in the first pic. i have a really old photography book that tells how to take portraits/how to crop backgrounds, etc. of course i got it when YOU were a baby, so it is out of date – WAYYY out of date. Check HALF PRICED for a good portrait photography book.

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