garden celebration

Our friends Ian & Courtney got married!

We also learned several valuable lessons as we traveled to DFW for their wedding last weekend:

1. Ewan will scream (and not sleep) if we travel at night.  Even if that means not going to sleep until 3.5 hours past his bedtime.

2. Nothing gets a State Trooper to leave you alone faster than a screaming baby in the backseat.

3. Ewan will not sleep if we travel during the day, but at least he doesn’t scream.  Much.

4. Ewan will go to bed for the night without Joe or I there!  Exciting news – this was the first time we’ve tried!

5. Chandor Gardens are a beautiful place to have a wedding and reception.

6. We should let friends take pictures of us at weddings more often – thanks so much Kelly!


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