10 months old

I’m trying to write down some of the cute things Ewan is doing now.

He loves to brush his teeth with us.  If he hears someone brushing their teeth, he comes and laughs at you.  We got him a toothbrush which he happily bites while we brush our teeth. (These pictures are from back in January.)

He can communicate now!  He smacks his lips when he wants you to put something in his mouth.  When eating he wants more food (spoon fed or chunks put on his tray).  When he’s about to go to sleep, he wants his pacifier.  When he says “mama (smack)” he wants to nurse.  After several months of “dada” whenever he was excited and “mama” only when he was wanting comfort (heard more between midnight and 5am than any other time), now he says “Mah MAH!” when he wants me (or wants me to do something).  It’s a very welcome change. :)

Ewan stretches up on his tip toes like no one I’ve ever seen.  He’ll grab a counter and pull up with his fingers so that he’s actually on the tips of his toes and not the balls of his feet.  I haven’t been able to catch it on camera, but here you can see his little toe curl under – that’s how it starts (until all the toes are what’s touching the ground).  It’s easy to underestimate what he can reach.

Ewan started screaming out when he wants attention, mostly to be picked up.  We’ve tried hard to not to give him what he wants until he makes some sort of word-like sound (we’re trying for up, mama, or dada, but will accept any gibberish… anything that is not screaming).  He’s definitely doing it less now, but he still surprises us with it fairly often.

He’s been doing this a while, but I don’t think I’ve written it down.  He loves to pat babies on their heads.  He’s usually gentle, but if you let him continue it gets more rough (he presses down on the poor baby’s head).  It’s a very cute little habit.

He loves balls, and will play by himself with one for a while.  He’ll grab it and sort of fling / release it, watch it roll, then crawl after it making happy sounds and start again.  I don’t think he has any control over where he makes the ball go, but that seems to be part of the excitement for him.  Now that he’s walking more, he’ll sometimes carry a ball but switch to crawling to chase after it.  He’ll also crawl and push balls (or any object, really) along with him. I often find him gripping a block / ball / toy and crawling with the toy touching the ground instead of his hands.  Maybe all babies do this, but I haven’t seen it before and it cracks me up.

He’s got a big-boy smile as well as the wide-mouth smile.  The closed-mouth smile looks fake, right?  Can babies fake-smile?

Ewan gives great hugs.  Sometimes he wants to be picked up, then gives me a tight hug around the neck, and then wants back down.  Part of me hopes he will always do that.  His kisses are still very wet and plentiful. Even though we don’t kiss him on the lips, he seems to go for lips whenever I’m not paying attention.  A baby licking your lips is a weird thing.

Now we have a climber.  Out of everything he does, I think this came the easiest/ most natural… which worries me a little.  Last week at my sister’s two-story house, Ewan easily climbed all the stairs on his very first try.

Here’s the 10 month picture I took a while back… this week I’ll have to take the 11 month picture already!  I think we can all agree that at 4 months old he went through an awkward teenager-type growth phase.


One thought on “10 months old

  1. I love the picture of him on his toes! John doesn’t really do kisses or hugs (sad, I know) but, I agree, a baby licking your lips would be werid. And John does the toy in hand crawl as well… and he’s a natural climber too… scary! I love your update!

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