camping with an almost-11-month-old

We did it!  We survived Ewan’s first camping trip.

To answer the big question: sleeping went okay.  Not horrible, not as good as at home.  For both us and Ewan. ;)  He’s had worse sleeping days when we’ve been at home, and it was much worse the first day in San Antonio last week.  Ahhh!  I need to blog about THAT (Ewan’s only cousin, Lucas, was born)!  Very soon.

We rigged up a couple of blackout curtains to dim his corner of the shelter.  I think it helped!  We also had a fan and noise machine.

Ewan LOVED waking up Saturday and already being outside.  He begs to go outside at home (bangs on door or window) anytime he gets a glimpse of it.  We were in a shelter with a roof and screen walls – half with shutters.  So Ewan knew we were outside first thing when he woke up and couldn’t have been more excited.  And wide awake.  When the sun wasn’t even all the way up.  The weather was good – lows of 64 & 68, highs of 93 &94.

We went on many walks around the park and on the nature trail.

We went swimming in the river with Ewan in a float.  He’s so funny in the water (river or bath) – he alternates between two opposite expressions.  He gets very excited about splashing, then very confused about why there is water in his eyes and mouth, then he doesn’t care because he remembers how much fun splashing is…

We went to Blanco State Park, which is right in the middle of Blanco, a small town an hour north of San Antonio (beautiful Texas Hill Country).  A highway goes over the river in the middle of the park.

If you’re looking to get away, I wouldn’t recommend this park for camping – we could hear loud highway noise all night.  However, it’s great if you forget something and need to go into town.  The temptation was great, and we ended up eating out instead of cooking Saturday night.  We went to a Mexican restaurant.  Our waitress did not speak English, and got our order by us pointing to the numbers on the menu.  We had said other things (like, “Can I add sour cream?”) and she smiled and nodded, but then showed us the order pad which just said #26 #31.  So we went with it and were excited for an adventure.  Then the waitress took Ewan out of the high chair (smiling big all the while but not attempting to explain) and took him back to the kitchen.  She introduced him to the cook and kept him for several minutes.  (We could see him the whole time.)  Finally she brought Ewan back and then brought us a LOT of food, none of which was remotely similar to what we ordered.  We decided to just eat it.  When we were about halfway through, she then brought us what we had ordered!  So much food.  Also, another family with a one year old girl sat next to us, and the kids babbled, smiled, and played together.

There were more bugs than usual (back to camping, not at the restaurant), but thankfully we didn’t have problems with flies, mosquitoes, roaches or ants!  We almost always had a caterpillar or inch worm on us.  Ewan almost ate one while trying to eat a leaf.  There were a lot of small praying mantises (manti?), too.  When we got home I pulled out a diaper from Ewan’s suitcase (which had been inside the shelter the whole weekend), and the pictured caterpillar was lined up on the green line – I barely saw him before putting the diaper on Ewan!

Also, great news!  We don’t need to worry about a college fund for Ewan; he has discovered his passion for sweeping!  All weekend Ewan kept finding the broom and playing with it.  You may remember that this isn’t his first time to be fascinated with a broom. Ready! Set! Sweep!

Ewan LOVES dogs and cats.  I thought he’d be excited about the wildlife, but he showed little to no interest.  Right in front of our shelter were several sheep and a llama.  He didn’t care.

Also, there were loud and unfriendly geese.

He still didn’t care.

(Can you spot the inch worm on Joe’s chest?)

One of the big reasons we picked this park was that it said it had two playgrounds.  One was a set of swings.  The other was a set of swings and a (big kid) slide.  Oh well, Ewan did enjoy swinging!

Overall, it was nice to get away and let Ewan enjoy being outside so much.  It will be more fun when my mantra (for Ewan) is no longer “Don’t eat that.” :)


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