What did I get myself into?

Every week for the last several months, Ewan surprises me.  Not like an unexpected gift. More like a bug in the cereal box.

Two days ago Ewan went to our desk and got a box of envelopes off a lower shelf.  And bit a corner off.  I took the box away and fished out the cardboard chunk (cardboard is by far his preferred teething toy so I’ve gotten quite good at this).  That night Joe put the envelopes back where they belong.  So yesterday Ewan found them again.  I said, “Ewan, what are you doing?” and he came back around the desk into view, smiling and holding the envelopes.  Out comes my most-used phrase, “You can play with it, but don’t eat it.”  He smiled and fiddled with the box flap.  Then moved it a little closer to his mouth.  “You can play with it, but don’t eat it.”  Another inch closer to his mouth.  “Ewan, don’t eat it.”  He smiled and went back around the corner out of view.  When I got there, the flap was in his mouth.  So another first for the baby book: he understood what I said and did the opposite.

One day, Ewan will kick my tail at chess.  He’s got the thinking-several-moves-ahead thing down.  This has been happening since he started cruising a few months ago, and the awe and wonder has worn off into healthy worry.

One morning this week Joe and I were getting ready while Ewan played.  I went in and out of the living area (all open to kitchen and dining areas) to keep an eye on him.  Let me back up to say that Ewan’s reach has expanded greatly this past month.  So Joe and I have gotten good at moving things away from the edge of anything.  Ewan’s favorite thing to set his mind to attaining is something that appears to be just out of reach.  Okay, back to the story.  Ewan had been playing with his toys when suddenly he walks up to Joe with his leftover breakfast bowl in his hand and the former contents of said bowl everywhere but his hand.  I had carefully placed the bowl far from the edge of the table, so I went to see how he got it off (he’s used longer toys to bat something he wants down before).  This is what I found (picture on the left):

I set the bowl back where it was – the bright blue thing in the upper left corner.  Ewan had turned a chair around and pushed it up to the table, then brought a walker toy over beside the chair (he can’t climb up on the chair from the floor).  So it appears that he climbed up to get the bowl and got back down without falling loud enough for us to hear.  I had seen him pushing chairs and playing with the toy, but I thought it was only playing, not scheming.  Lesson learned.

Pictures on the right: Later I tried to see how far Ewan could reach by putting a Kix cereal on the table.  The one pictured was no problem at all.  He may look tall, but he can still walk straight under the table without hitting his head, and he’s stretched up to get his fingers on like that.

To sum it up:
Ewan’s actions = 1/2 (impressive) + 1/2 (seriously?) = really long days

I love this kid.


3 thoughts on “What did I get myself into?

  1. why do you think YOUR first “phrase” was “what are you doing?”. you had heard that phrase so many times that you found me cleaning the bathtub and asked me the same, in the correct context. can’t remember how old you were, but around one year. A chip off the old block – Ewan is.

  2. Watch out! You have a very intelligent child! I can still remember when my first born son was a 2 year old and my husband’s grandma told me to be very careful what I said in front of Jared, and she empasized it was because he was smarter than me!! You tend to listen carefully to a woman who has raised 9 children.

  3. Oops…I forgot to write my name on the above comment..I didn’t realize it was going to say “anonymous”.

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