mommy’s little gardener

Poor Ewan has two molars coming in and is in a lot of pain.  He also has high fever.  It started Wednesday and I took him in to the doctor Thursday.  She showed me how bad his gums looked, but said that everything else looks fine (ears, throat, nose).

Since last night the fever has been 103.6 – 104.4 when the medicine wears off, and only down to 101-102 with the medicine.  Today he’s been crying randomly a lot.  He has not been sleeping well – both acetaminophen and ibuprofen take a long time to kick in so when they wear off and he wakes up burning up it takes an hour or so for him to go back to sleep.

I hate it when he feels so bad and I can’t really help.

We got outside yesterday and Ewan helped water the herbs.  He’s getting so big!

and helped cool himself off a little…


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