We owe you butter

Ewan has been involved in plenty of (documented) mischief the past couple of weeks, so I hope to catch up here soon.  But let’s start with today.

Chris & Allie, a younger married couple we’ve known a couple of years, have lived with us about a month!  They’re great housemates, and Ewan absolutely loves them both (so do we).

We have a mini-fridge in addition to our normal refrigerator that we share.

Turns out, it’s Ewan-sized.

And Ewan accessible.  He only realized that a couple of days ago, but we’ve been teaching him not to open it.

On a seemingly unrelated note… They are repaving the road in front of our house and Ewan has been enjoying watching all the construction equipment.  (Poor kid is learning all the wrong names to them, seeing as I call them all dump truck, steamroller, front loader or the brachiosaurus-looking one.)

The see-through storm door locks, so I decided to lock it and let him continue watching while I made a quick bathroom run.

A couple of minutes later I return to see that the front door is closed, the mini-fridge door is open, and Ewan is eating this:

I took the mangled stick of butter away, but he’d already eaten several bites.

Then I hear my phone’s muffled ring.  It’s not on the stool where I left it.  Not in the boxes near the door.  It finally gave up on me.

After making use of http://www.icantfindmyphone.com, I discover it between the front door and storm door.

So that’s 5 minutes of my day.  Chris & Allie, we now owe you some butter.


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