Mmm, watermelon

I consumed a crazy amount of watermelon and naval oranges before Ewan was born (and just after).

Now Ewan and I can finish off a quarter watermelon in two days… if we show much restraint and save a slice for day two.

Sure he was making a mess, but how can you take it away from a little guy this happy?  I’d rather clean the floor more often. :)

I tried to confine the mess without limiting the fun by putting him in a chair by the window.  It worked wonderfully.

He seems to like the green part as much as the red, but I did eventually take it away.  He’s breaking through two molars, so the cold watermelon hits the spot.  It’s funny how his hair can look anywhere from white-blond to dirty-blond to reddish depending on the light.  And I just love the curls in back.

Unfortunately, the watermelon is not from our garden (the watermelon has not grown well), but Ewan has been enjoying our homegrown cantaloupe!


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