Baby, it’s hot outside!

Maybe that’s something I’ve said a little too often to Ewan lately.

We can add this to the “You know you’re from Texas when…” sayings: when one of your baby’s first words is “hot.”

He does not get exactly what hot means, but he certainly knows that “hot” is what happens when you turn off the fan!

Ewan’s meanings of hot:

After a family reunion with a always-cooking kitchen, Ewan started saying hot.  He had a system, use those cute baby blue eyes to convince someone to pick him up, then beg for them to let him touch steaming things in the kitchen.  They would always say, “No, that’s hot.”  So “hot” = awesome-looking thing I want to touch.

Ewan also asks to go outside a lot (mostly by knocking on the front or back door and saying “mama / mommy door” over and over).  Too often I say, “No, it’s too hot outside.”  So “hot” = awesome place I want to go.

Ewan enjoys turning off fans, as you saw in the video.  When he turns it off we say, “No, it’s too hot with the fan off.”  So “hot” means he turned the fan off.


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