14.5 month old part 2 (with video)

Some more typical Ewan at 14 months old from our visit to Auntie Emily’s house a couple of weekends ago.

Ewan loves playing with Mommy or Dada!  Here’s a you-can’t-get-me game where you can also see his love of squeezing through tight spaces. (This is very similar to games he liked at four months old… with a lot more action.)

I’m grateful we don’t have this type of door at home – my life would be much more difficult!  He figured them out quickly.

We’ve tried to get more on video, but he often stops doing something as soon as he sees the camera.  Here are some more things I don’t want to forget:

He copies the way we talk during (gibberish) conversations with us. When he leans forward and whispers, I truly wish I could understand the secret he’s sharing.

He’s using on for both on (mostly the light or electronic toys) and open.  He also says it “on-nuh” because he was mixing it up with hot and first and we over-emphasized the n sound to help him hear it.   For example, he hands me a tub of baby cookies and says “Mama, on-nuh?”  Too cute.

He calls me Mommy often, but Mama when he wants something.

He’s great at shaking his head (for no) and nodding (for yes).  I never taught him this (as opposed to other signs or words that I made him do it before I’d give him what he wanted, like “up” to be picked up or the sign for all done to get out of the high chair), so it seems more impressive to me.  The best is the little wars he has with himself.  For example, he’ll reach out toward an outlet, shake his head no, pull back, rub his chest (the sign for please, which to Ewan means “I want it”), reach out again and repeat.

Ewan claps for himself and for me when I do things he likes.  I love it.  It’s like he’s saying, “You gave me a snack, good job Mommy!”  And he’s finally clapping correctly, not one hand on the back of the other anymore.

Most toddlers speak in primarily nouns at first.  Mama, Dada, dog, bath.  Ewan knows some of those common words, but most of what you’ll hear will be commands.  He knows “that / dat” and “up” but uses “up” when he wants picked up to reach something.  He knows “light” and “on” but uses “on” when he wants the light turned on after naptime.  He knows “door” and “out” but uses “out” when he wants to go outside.  For that last one, he often will bring me my shoes and his shoes before accosting the door.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  Like I said the other day, this is a fun age.


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