Long, hot days

I started to wean Ewan (I just realized those two words have the same letters) last Saturday and it’s led to long days with Ewan not sleeping well.  He’s 15 months old today, and is not showing any signs of being ready… but I’m ready.  Joe and I are leaving Ewan for three nights at the end of September, so we need to have him weaned by then.

A week ago he didn’t help his case any by lifting my shirt, putting his mouth up to me and saying “On!”

The weaning is not going well because Ewan is refusing to nap.  It hasn’t been the worst, but my day is spent trying to get him to rest or training him.

Sadly, I haven’t taken as many pictures lately.  Here are a couple of examples showing the sort of thing I’m attempting to train Ewan NOT to do:

empty the tissue box while Mommy cooks dinner

spread Layne’s Sauce all over himself and the floor (at least he was happy to help clean up with the rag)

touch the CD player (putting it up higher just inspired higher – and more dangerous – climbing)

What, mom?  You don’t want me to climb on tubs that could fall and squish me?  Seriously?

So much for his room being a safe place he could play unsupervised.


One thought on “Long, hot days

  1. Sorry the little toot is being a toot. I could say just hang in there, but I doubt if I would have the energy to corral him. I think you are smart enough to prevail over the little prodigy. I hope the sweet moments can compensate for the sour. Grandpa & Grandma Peebles.

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