Part I: Ewan’s Dictionary

Joe and I are headed away this Thursday to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  My mom (and this weekend, my dad) will be coming to take care of Ewan.  The longest I’ve been away from Ewan is 15 hours, so this will be a bit of a shock for both of us, I think.

Here are some of Ewan’s words so that Grandma can know what Ewan’s trying to communicate (also for me to remember fondly and for you to laugh at!)

Toddler sign language:

All Done = waves arms in the air (usually when he is done eating and wants out of the high chair, often will say “done”)

More = smacks his lips (he hasn’t been doing this as  much lately)

No = shakes head, but usually smiles

Please = rubs chest with flat hand (This means he wants something.  He will sometimes point to what he wants; definitely will stare at it intensely.  You can try picking things up and offering it to him – he will shake his head for no and follow it with his eyes / head for yes!)

Toddler words (at 16 months old):

Allie  = he sees or thinks he hears our housemate Allie (sometimes sounds like “Ow-wee” – that doesn’t mean he’s hurt!)

Ah-wa = Open – he wants you to open something for him – often doors, sippy cups, or things he should not get into. :)  He first did this with a sippy cup that had a lid he couldn’t open, and we would say “water?” He was meaning he wanted it open, not he wanted water though.  Then he just started using it for everything else.

Beebee – Baby, when he sees a picture (like on the fridge) or in real life.

Ball (sometimes Baaaw) = Ball (usually when he picks one up)

Ba-na-ma-na-ma (can start with “Da” and has varying number of syllables) = Banana, he wants you to give him a banana to eat.  Please peel it as he goes, otherwise he will try to eat the peel. :)  (watch and hear his version of banana)  Also, he thinks yellow squash are bananas when he sees them in the store.

Bath (or softly) = he sees/hears the bathtub or is excited about taking a bath

Bee = Frisbee – this one makes Daddy proud

Bowl = bowl (sometimes he calls one a cup first, you say “No, this is not a cup, it’s a bowl!” and he’ll say bowl then)

Cow = either a cow or a horse, I’m not sure why he gets them so confused!

Copy* (or Copy Cup) = Coffee (Coffee cup) – he wants to help you make coffee. He has never even had a taste, but he loves and knows the entire process using the Keurig.  He will do it himself if you hold him up and give him the K-cup when he needs it.  He asks everyone to make coffee (often only saying “cup”) anytime he sees a coffee pot.  We probably do it once every other day, but he asks all day long.

Cup = He sees a cup.  Or any container that looks like it holds liquid, really.  Usually does not mean he’s thirsty, but can mean he wants you to put a cup under the coffee maker… the first step in getting you to make coffee (see above).

Dada / Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada… = he wants his daddy, sees his picture, or thinks he hears him coming home

Daaaah = Dog

Dooooor (drawn out “or” sound with d at the beginning with a rising tone) = he wants you to open the door and let him go out.  Often the front door when he wants to play outside (which is all the time, he’s used to accepting no as an answer even though he’ll still ask a few more times).  He will also say door when he has woken up from a nap and wants you to open his door and get him.

Down / Dow (usually with the sign for please) = He wants to be put down or (if pointing at something) wants you to get something down for him.  Lately he’s been accidentally saying down instead of up even though he learned up first.  Just say “You mean up, please?” until he says up instead.

Done = all done, he wants to get down out of the high chair (usually does the sign with it)

Duck = a duck, usually a bath toy

Emma* = Auntie Emily

Gam-ma* = Grandma

Hot = hot (usually when we go outside, if he gets near the stove, if we turn on the microwave, if he sees us blowing on food, or if a food we give him is warm or very cold)

Mommy / Mama = He wants his mommy

Mah-ow (rhymes with cow with a little twang to make it two syllables) = “Meow” as in a cat sound.  He does it when he sees a cat or a dog, actually.

No* – No. Thankfully this is one we only hear about once a week, and it’s been playful like when we’re hiding from each other and I say “Is Ewan here?”

Okay (somtimes Oak-ee) = Okay, in response to something you say.  The tone he says it in is just right, slightly resigned sounding and very cute.

On (usually with pointing) = Something is on, or he wants it to be turned on.  Usual culprits are lights, music, fans, and the coffee maker.

Off (or “Ah…fffff”) = Something is off, or he happily helped turn off a light.

Out-si (si rhymes with tie) = outside (he sees outside or wants to go there)

Pea / Peas* = Please (only says it when his hands are full and he can’t sign it)

Shoo = Shoe / shoes, often when he wants you to put them on and take him outside.  He’ll bring them to you if he can find them.  Sometimes he calls socks “shoes”.  Don’t put them on him unless you actually plan to take him outside – that’s mean!

Sew-me = Show me (I say this a lot because he will sign please over and over and I don’t know what he wants.  Now he’ll sign please and say “sew-me” and if I’m lucky he’ll also point to it.)

Tao (rhymes with Cow) = We’re guessing it means “this” or “that” – he says it a lot lately and it has replaced “see” as something he says when he points at things.

Tee = Teeth (He wants to brush his teeth – a favorite activity, pretty much anytime you let him go in the bathroom. Be careful, he may try to brush yours, too.)

Trash = Trash – he actually pronounces this well.  Joe asked why Ewan knew that word.  When thinking about having a toddler, I never imagined the phrase “Don’t touch that.  That’s trash.” coming out of my mouth.

Tree / Twee = tree, including the one painted on his wall.

Uh Oh = You know what this means.  Ewan or someone he saw dropped something.  Or he threw something he knows he is not supposed to throw (like a sippy cup or food).

Up (usually with the sign for please) = wants you to pick him up or put him up on something, like the rocking horse or piano bench

Why…ttt = light

* denote less commonly used words

Bonus: Singing = Ewan will sing-along with music just saying “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” especially in the car.  He’ll also do this anytime he gets close to a microphone (yes, that’s our boy). “E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I” or “E-I-E-I uh oh” is him trying to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.


2 thoughts on “Part I: Ewan’s Dictionary

  1. I had to have a class lesson last week on the copy machine, since I say lets go make copies and they always say we’re making coffee. -Lauren

  2. I should note that his pronunciation for “On” is “ah-NIH”. Daddy has been very rigorous from the outset at familiarizing Ewan with the characteristics of Germanic languages.

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