Part II: Ewan’s Actions

{Joe and I are enjoying our Austin trip so far!  One day and we’ve been to Ikea, Alamo Drafthouse (movie theater), and more!  I will share more when we get back!  Now for things I wrote earlier this week… I’ll have to share videos for some of them when I get back.}

This is part two in a prep for Grandma Kay to watch Ewan.

Gestures that may be awkward if you don’t know what he’s doing… or maybe it is still awkward:

Dancing = He stands and squats repeatedly, then may do more normal bouncing, spinning, and head-bobbing.  Going into a Marilyn Monroe-like pose (slight squat with hands in lap as if holding the air-blown skirt down) seems to be a go-to happy dance move.  It doesn’t mean he needs a diaper change. :)

Kisses = He really is determined to give open-mouthed slobber kisses on the lips.  Try turning your head quickly to at least get the slobber on another part of your face.

High Fives = He will leave his hand on your hand until you give him a reaction.  His favorite reaction is a happy squeal / scream, but he’ll settle for a “woohoo”  if he must.

Straddle-bounces = If you lie down, he may come straddle your stomach or chest and bounce on his bottom on you.  If you’re unlucky, it may be your neck.  This is actually very painful, and he laughs hysterically.  Beware if you lie down around him!

Belly button = He loves to stick his finger into your belly button.  He will pull up shirts in order to do so.  He will also dig his finger in deeper (he’s got sharp little fingers!) until he gets a reaction.

Raspberries / Blurping = Any exposed skin is an invitation for Ewan to blow a slobbery raspberry on you.  We laugh when he does it to us, and it’s definitely a way Ewan shows affection.  Grab a towel and consider it an honor!


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