Moody Gardens II: Aquarium Pyramid

Back to Moody Gardens pictures (part 1 here)… this time at the Aquarium!  Ewan was not very interested in the fish or sharks, but did find one exciting animal…

But first, we watched seals and sea lions – including one giant one:

We took refuge in a shark cage:

Ewan, Tilly and Joe enjoyed the best sort of picture window:

Finally came the penguins.  Ewan was so excited!

He liked penguins from above the water.

He liked penguins below the water.

He liked the huge penguins.

He liked the fast penguins.

He (and Tilly) liked the friendly penguins.

He stood on his toes and waved his arms, he liked the penguins so much.

The only sad part was when he found out he couldn’t climb in with the penguins.  But he still tried.

So the penguins were by far the highlight of the Aquarium Pyramid for Ewan.  Forget about the sharks and the sea horses – penguins rule his world.





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