a moment to remember

Ewan made me earn my keep today.  Since it was beautiful out (over 70 in January?  I’ll take it) and he was making me crazy inside, we went to the park.

At one point Ewan runs away from the playground into a grassy part of the park.

Now, Ewan does not run to get somewhere faster (unless we’re in a store and there are plenty of judgmental people watching us).  Ewan runs because he loves to run.  It’s a whole body affair, with both arms waving all around.  Very cute.

So Ewan runs off in a safe area, and I walk behind him.

He stops, turns, and smiles at me.  He lets me catch up.

He sticks his little hand up and grabs my hand.

He starts running again, this time with me running alongside him.

He shouts, “Happy!  Happy!  Happy!”

Little one, you give a lot of trouble and you give even more love.

(Yes, that’s him in the laundry hamper.)


4 thoughts on “a moment to remember

  1. i will remind him about this happy moment in 16 years. or you can make a hard copy of your blog for him so he will know all these cute stories. Just wish i could remember all the cute ones of you

  2. After such a hard week last week, you know that this is the moment you’ll take away from it all. Sometimes selective memory is a good thing.

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