20 months?

I can’t believe Ewan turned 20 months old this week!  That sounds entirely too close to having a two year old, and that’s just impossible since Ewan was only born a few months ago (a fact surely confirmed by a look at my formerly flat tummy).

cute talker.

This kid is talking up a storm.  Sometimes he even uses real words.  He has started using phrases more.  Here are some we hear daily… the first two come as no surprise, given his preoccupation with making sure any available lights, fans, and music players are on.

“Is it on?”
“Turn on.”
“Hi, Dada, Hi Mama.”

He also finally called another kid by her name!  Well, almost her name.  He calls Tilly, “Teat.”  Yeah, we’re working on fixing that.

I mentioned it before, but he also says some great words like “happy!”  The other night he ran up to where I was sitting and planted a huge slobbery kiss right on my cheek then declared to everyone, “HAPPY!!!”  What more could you ask for?

He asked nicely to be picked up (meaning said “Up?” and signed please without whining) while I was washing dishes yesterday.  I told him that was the right way to ask, but he’d have to wait a minute because I was almost done.  He stood there for several seconds then asked “Is it done?”


He’s got some serious curls in the back!  I know I’ll have to give him a haircut one day, but we’re still putting it off.  Even though he’s got a few ringlets and sometimes  looks like a hobbit.  Permed mullets are sure to be back in style soon, right?

play clothes.

Ewan has taken to playing dress up.  He loves to wear things he knows are not his clothes – necklaces, hats, men’s shirts… it’s all fun to him!


Grandma Kay gave Ewan a mp3 player for kids – it looks like a plastic toy, but has big buttons for the controls and you can put your own music on it (instead of the annoying songs most kid toys play).  Ewan listens to it all the time!  All. The. Time.

Grandma Glo, Grandpa Tom and Auntie Em all gave him percussion-type instruments for Christmas and he’s been enjoying those, too!

He’s done this for months, but I’m not sure I have it recorded.  Whenever the music pauses a few seconds between songs, Ewan says “on” until it starts or we say, “It’s about to come back on, just be patient.”  Lately he’s taken to saying “ah-ah-ah-ah-on!” like he’s saying on many times really fast.

The volunteers in the church nursery (changes every week) have even taken notice.  Two weeks in a row I had to go back because our usually perfectly happy son was crying about something.  Both times I came back only to realize that the music had stopped and no one would turn it back on even though he kept asking (they didn’t understand him).  One week they told us that Ewan had definitely been saying on between every song on the CD and they were all cracking up over it, especially the time he had been going down a slide when the music stopped.  He grabbed the sides to stop himself halfway down, said “ON-NIH!” and waited until the next song started until he would slide the rest of the way down.

Ewan is already a pretty awesome beatboxer.  He often beatboxes quietly to himself while playing with toys.  (This video is not a great example – he seems to stop anytime I get out the camera!)

Since Joe and I love music, we’re thrilled to share this with him and are excited to see how music grows with him.

silly smiles.

He now has what we call a silly smile.  Ewan presses his lips tight together and smiles.  He knows he’s being funny when he does it, and often can’t hold it long because he cracks up.


Recently Ewan has taken to building things with foam blocks.  He also enjoys Lego’s at his friend Tilly’s house or the library.  Sometimes he wants to build himself, but if he is having trouble for a long time he asks for “hop” (help) before he gets angry.  He also enjoys watching us build things and then knocking them over. :)


Ewan still manages to get himself into unlikely places just about every other day.  It looks like this characteristic is here to stay.  Unless it’s dangerous I let him squeeze and crawl as much as he wants.


Ewan had never been “attached” to any toy until recently.  He started to like to cuddle stuffed animals, then suddenly preferred a blue and white spotted dog over all the rest.  Ewan still refuses to call dogs “dog,” instead referring to them as “cow, woof woof.”  As in a cow that goes woof woof.  Joe and I always correct him, but he acts like he’s correcting us each time in return.  In mid-December I called a dog “pup” in front of Ewan, and he happily repeated it!  So now he sometimes calls small dogs “pup.”  He definitely calls his favorite blue dog “pup” and asks for him.  He has never asked for him for comfort (like, when he’s hurt), but sometimes will cuddle him for naps or bedtime.  Of course Pup is the least-cute stuffed animal he owns.


Ewan manages to find the camera and sneak a shot or two more often now.  At least he is gentle with it and does not touch the lens.  His shots are usually much more interesting and artistic-looking than mine!

garden greens.

Ewan still likes to eat straight out of the garden,  only now we only have spinach and bitter lettuce (and herbs).  He runs by and grabs a piece to munch while he plays.  I love that he’s growing up with that being normal!

There’s so much more to share about our wonderful little guy, but this will have to be all for now!


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