A romantic at heart – 21 months

Ewan has a new obsession: kisses.  Better now than in 15 years, I guess.

One of his Christmas books ends with Mrs. Claus giving Santa a loud kiss under the mistletoe (you’ll see it in the video).  Every day, Ewan insists that daddy read this book, and open and close the final “kissing” page over and over.  Ewan even rubs his face against it to get in on the kissing action.

Before bed every night Ewan demands at least one kiss from Mommy and will push the back of both our heads saying “KISS!!!” until Mommy and Daddy kiss, too.  This is also a favorite when Daddy comes home from work.

A week ago I was cooking and Ewan kept asking to be picked up.  I told him he had to wait because it was hot and not safe.  After a couple of “Yet?” and “No, not yet” interactions, he finally begged “Kiss, please?”  How you could say no?  He got a kiss from me and then ran off to play.

Two days ago he asked for a kiss from me and kept saying “Gint! Gint!” (again, again in Ewanese) until he had so many kisses it turned into tickling.

Most of Ewan’s friends had a Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday, but we stayed home since Ewan was sick.  A friend dropped off egg-free chocolate cupcakes for Ewan and I, and they were both thoroughly enjoyed!  Since this was Ewan’s first chocolate dessert, and first cake of any type since his first birthday, I recorded him eating it.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!


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