1 month or 2 1/2 years today!

Lots has happened since I last blogged! Our sweet Adelyn is one month old today, and my little boy is two and a half!  Yes, they were both born on the 11th, just 29 months apart.

Ewan was immediately a sweet and loving big brother.  And only a fraction as jealous as I expected.  He loves to gently touch Adelyn’s head and asks to hold her (in his lap) all the time.  When she cries he says, “It’s okay, Adelyn.”  When she was just a few days old we were driving back home and Adelyn was screaming as she tends to do in her car seat, Ewan said, “It’s okay, Buddy, we’re almost home.”  Something we used to say to him fairly often.  Now if she starts crying and I don’t immediately go to her Ewan offers, “Baby Adelyn’s crying.  It’s okay, I’ll check on her.”  This usually means I should hurry after him because he will try to pick her up if I don’t. :)

The only problem Ewan has had is fake-crying to try to get attention.  We make him use words, but when he sees it work for Adelyn all the time, I guess it remains a temptation.

We took a video of Ewan meeting Adelyn for the first time (less than an hour after she was born).  He was far more interested in the gadgets in the room than his little sister, but he was sweet.  I added subtitles so you can understand Ewan.

Adelyn has grown so fast!  She was born at 7 lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 1 oz by day 12!  I am grateful she was a smaller-than-Ewan baby, but she did not stay small long.  At least I was able to squeeze her into newborn clothes for a week!

Adelyn started to smile intentionally this last week.  She prefers I hold her, but is equally generous to Mommy and Daddy with her smiles.  Ewan gets excited every time she looks at him, even if she’s not smiling.  (He also is impressed with her bubble-blowing skills.)

I plan to update here much more often, so stick around and thanks for hanging in there during my pregnant-sick-while-caring-for-a-toddler hiatus!


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