A New Year!

Two little ones are certainly keeping me busy!  I want to remember so much about what makes this time of life special, but keep finding myself without time or too tired.  So I know I’ll be leaving out a lot, but I’m going to try to record a little at least.

We had a quiet New Years Day.  Ewan is congested so he woke up a lot during the night – but that means he slept in until almost 11am!  Adelyn seemed to not want to miss the New Years Eve party, so she was happy to sleep in, too.  Great news for us!


I gave Joe a haircut and he trimmed his beard, so Ewan saw the shaving cream out and wanted to play with it.  Soon he insisted that he put some on Mommy, too.  “Let Ewan do it” is a common phrase in our house now, but he does understand there are certain things he can’t do – like put things in the oven – and he doesn’t argue about those things.


Adelyn enjoyed relaxing with Daddy.Image


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