Right now, sweet little Adelyn has pneumonia. Yesterday the doctor said we caught it very early so hopefully she will recover quickly.

Grandpa Tom (Joe’s dad) was recently hospitalized for a bad cough that turned out to be some heart (and other) problems. Fortunately, he was sent home Monday and is feeling much better and finally sleeping some! For part of his hospital stay, Joe’s mom came and stayed with us. Ewan especially had some good bonding time.

Ewan and Grandma Glo (with my help) made a get well card for Grandpa Tom.

Grandma Glo Ewan small

Ewan’s face was my fault. I told him to smile bigger.

Ewan and Grandma also enjoyed some good reading time.

Grandma Glo Ewan reading small

Friday, Ewan and I took Adelyn to the doctor. RSV and a nasty cold / flu are going around, so I was expecting one of those to be the problem. To my surprise, the doctor ordered chest X-rays. Fortunately, we could get them just down the hall and then go back to the pediatrician for results.

The radiation technician was eager to bribe Ewan to come behind the wall while Adelyn “had her picture taken.” Ewan kept reminding Adelyn to smile. :) He came away from the deal with two Thomas the Train stickers and a lollipop! The sucker was grape-flavored and Ewan’s never had one of those. He asked several times for peanut butter to go with it (I guess it tasted like grape jelly).

Poor second child, somehow I haven’t taken any pictures of her in the last two weeks! She is still adorable, and here is a good one from after Christmas with Auntie Emily.

Emily Adelyn small

Friday before we went to the doctor, Ewan and I were praying for Adelyn to feel better. I said some then asked Ewan if he wanted to say anything. He said, “Dear God, please put your hand on Adelyn’s head.” Ewan was doing just that at the time, and loves to just stand beside her with his hand on her head. It’s not phrase we’ve ever used, instead something he does all the time. It’s sweet to know he sees it as something that makes her feel better. Join us in praying this little one gets better soon!

hugs and kisses Ewan Adelyn small


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