‘A’ Day

How do you go from feeling like awesome stay-at-home momma to awesome candidate for Nanny 911? Let me tell you!

Here’s how my day went:

Wake up, put real clothes on (usually I stay in PJs a while… okay, all day).

Feed Adelyn.

Go into the kitchen only to find that Ewan has made coffee all by himself (which he is not allowed to do). Get some more practice (with Joe) disciplining Ewan when all we wanted to do was laugh.

Feed Ewan and me, then play.

Put Adelyn down for a nap (often hard to do – she fights it).

Empty dishwasher, fill it and start it while Ewan plays.

Set up educational craft for Ewan. Ewan is so good recognizing the letters and their sounds, I wanted to start a letter-a-week theme at home. So this week is letter A!

Ewan asks for a snack -pancakes – so I roll with it. We made the batter (Ewan helps pour and stir), poured it into a squirt bottle and made A-shaped pancakes. He loved it and helped by holding the bottle with me!
A pancakes1 small
(I don’t recommend using cookie cutter – or at least make it very thin and remember to put cooking spray on it!)

Eat pancakes!
A pancake Ewan small

Let Ewan put beans on a glue letters: A and a.
A beans small

Let Ewan find the letter A in a magazine, cut it out, let him glue it on a paper…. which quickly dissolved into just teaching Ewan how to use scissors.
scissors small

Get up Adelyn, change and dress her.

Take both kids to playgroup, make sure Ewan plays nicely.

Make it back home with both kids!

Eat lunch at home with Joe.

Let Ewan listen to music on the laptop while I try to put Adelyn to bed.

Give up on getting Adelyn down, decide to put Ewan to bed first.

Find Ewan and this:
keyboard disaster small

Take a deep breath, put on calm demeanor, discipline Ewan, put him to bed.

Release anger. Listen to Ewan beg and scream to get out of bed 10 minutes while I assess the damage and calm down for real.

Go in to Ewan, try to convince him to nap, leave him there.

Listen to Ewan calling for me to come back, try (unsuccessfully) to get Adelyn to sleep. For 45 minutes.

Let Ewan up, finally get Adelyn to sleep. Realize a keyboard piece is nowhere to be found.

Comfort a tired and clingy Ewan.

Adelyn wakes up angry with gas pain. Try to help her while Ewan tries to climb all over me (for about an hour).

Joe gets home – try to speed clean (for our church small group coming in an hour – what I had planned to do during naptime) while listening to Joe talking about a big meeting at work. Adelyn falls asleep shortly after Joe starts holding her.

With little kids, it seems like one small thing can snowball and make a day tough. Especially when something messes up naptime. It wasn’t a horrible day by any stretch! Just a quick fall from a high horse.

Both kids are a joy right now. Ewan is a sponge and constantly surprises me with his new knowledge and skills. Adelyn gives the biggest smiles and is so snuggly. She loves to cuddle at night and I am trying to fully enjoy it. I can already tell she will not want to cuddle me for as many years as Ewan will.

Seeing them interact is even better. Ewan loves to pop the bubbles Adelyn blows. He thinks it is hilarious when she licks him (which she always does when you put anything up to her mouth). He positions himself so that her hand will touch his neck and then breaks into laughter, saying she is tickling him. All these along with the constant hugs and hand-on-her-head love pats blow me away – I never expected Ewan to love Adelyn so fully automatically! It’s a beautiful thing. :)


One thought on “‘A’ Day

  1. you are a great mom – and the kids are getting along like you and Lauren did as little ones. oh yeah, if you didn’t find the computer key, i would check his diapers for a few days.

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