21 weeks… 5 months

Time is flying with this second baby!  Before she has changed entirely, I better record her 21 weeks old / 5 month old (thanks to the short February, these happened the same week) update!  I did a 21 week photo shoot for Ewan, and it is crazy to image Adelyn at almost 3 years old! {This was written a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I’d add more photos and comments, but I’m officially switching to the “posting a little something often is better than a complete something never” approach}

Joe thinks this onesie is hilarious – it comes with Air Jordan bling.adelyn1 small

Moving. This little one started rolling a full 360 degrees one week shy of four months old, so by now she’s mastered it.  She often rolls or wiggles to get around, but also has developed an inchworm technique where her bottom is in the air and she lunges forward (or sometimes backwards).  She can hold herself up on hands (sometimes elbows) and knees.  A few days past her 5-month birthday she started rocking on hands and knees.  Looks like we’ll have a crawler before I’m ready for one! (note: At 5 1/2 months, she started crawling about 3 “steps” in a row, but still seems to prefer inching / rolling / lunging.)

Brother.  She loves her brother so much.  It’s hard to understand, but it’s true!  A few days ago, I was pushing her in the swing and then asked Ewan to take over.  She seemed to enjoy it when I was pushing her, but she was cracking up the whole time Ewan pushed her!  She just laughs and smiles whenever he looks at her!???????????????????????????????

Banshee wails.  Adelyn has a scream unlike anything we heard from Ewan.  It comes out when she is happy, frustrated, excited, lonely, interested, bored… you get the idea.  And it’s LOUD.

Emotional.  Adelyn can be sobbing one second and laughing hysterically the next.  She seems to be much more emotional (or at least expressive) than Ewan.  On the good side, she is only inconsolable if she is truly in pain.

Dairy.  Unfortunately, Adelyn has a dairy (cow milk) allergy.  This means I can’t use a tablespoon of butter in our dinner without Adelyn having diarrhea for a day or two afterwards (she is breastfed).  Eating out is extremely difficult – you wouldn’t believe how often butter and milk are used.  Combined with Ewan’s egg allergy, cooking is not much fun either!  We think she may also have a soy allergy because I can’t seem to use soy butter (the most available alternative for baking, etc) and randomly when I eat out she will get sick even when I’ve asked about dairy.

Carrier.  This is how Adelyn is most likely seen while we’re out.  I got an Ergo baby carrier, and love it.  Worth every penny.  I used a Snugli with Ewan that worked great for trips to the grocery store.  Adelyn loves the Ergo, and naps better there than anywhere else.  I’ve carried this 16+ pound beauty literally for hours without my back hurting.


Favorites.  For about a month she has loved to hold her toes. She also loves diaper changes.


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