Letters and Laughing

(I forgot to publish this post back on January 2nd, so much has changed! Hope you enjoy the videos anyway!)

Ewan has loved working on his letters lately.  To make things easier (or at least doable) with two little ones, I’ve let him start watching videos sometimes.  He really enjoys Leapfrog’s Letter Factory and Numberland.  Joe caught a little of him singing a song from the Letter Factory (I added subtitles to help you out).


On December 31st, Ewan spelled out / read letters for the first time unprompted.  I gave him the Nook Tablet and he pointed to each of the lowercase letters and said the letter name.

Adelyn loves to smile at people and things.  Ewan smiled at people, but it was not the same.  Adelyn looks at you for a second, then cracks up laughing and smiling and then goes back to a small smile or neutral expression.


Adelyn was almost 3 months old in that video. She is much cuter now. :)


It’s a PIG!

During dinner Friday Ewan kept pointing at the ground and saying “It’s a pig!”

We looked, but there was nothing around that could even be considered remotely pig-like.

We let him down, and he rushed over to apart of our hardwood floor and said “It’s Pig!”  Without any prompting, he pointed out two eyes, a tail, and his “oink” (nose)!  We’re happy and surprised to see Ewan’s imagination coming out this way.

What do you think, is it a pig?  My vote is an alligator.

Here is how it looked from his chair.


a moment to remember

Ewan made me earn my keep today.  Since it was beautiful out (over 70 in January?  I’ll take it) and he was making me crazy inside, we went to the park.

At one point Ewan runs away from the playground into a grassy part of the park.

Now, Ewan does not run to get somewhere faster (unless we’re in a store and there are plenty of judgmental people watching us).  Ewan runs because he loves to run.  It’s a whole body affair, with both arms waving all around.  Very cute.

So Ewan runs off in a safe area, and I walk behind him.

He stops, turns, and smiles at me.  He lets me catch up.

He sticks his little hand up and grabs my hand.

He starts running again, this time with me running alongside him.

He shouts, “Happy!  Happy!  Happy!”

Little one, you give a lot of trouble and you give even more love.

(Yes, that’s him in the laundry hamper.)

Ewan, too cute

Ewan is just too cute right now.  I have too many cute pictures to post.  Too many cute happenings to remember.

He loves putting on his daddy’s work gloves (and can somehow get them on by himself).

He loves the Christmas Tree.  When he first saw it he pointed to one ornament and said, “Ball!” Then another, “Ball!” and shook both open hands at the tree and said, “BAAAAAALLLLLL!!!” He does well at not touching them, but it took some work.  Only about an hour after waking up and seeing the tree, he pulled off three ornaments and dropped one when I saw him and said no.  He stood back and watched as I swept up the pieces. Soon, he found his toy broom, reached toward an ornament and said, “ball?” as if to ask if he could now touch it. I told him that he couldn’t touch the balls even if he promised to clean up after himself.  Soon he started sweeping under the tree.

If you’ve been around Ewan for more than 1 minute, you know his favorite word is on, or “on-NIH!”  Tonight we left the house after dark fir the first time since it has been getting dark early.  Ewan went outside, looked at the sky, waved both arms up and screamed, “ONNNIH!!!”  I’m pretty sure God heard him, but will make him wait until tomorrow morning.

Ewan is happiest when people give him attention.  He loves to play peekaboo where he hides behind a person or thing and then gives the biggest smile and laugh to whoever will smile back at him.  He can brighten any day playing this simple game.

Ewan also has cute names for some of his favorite foods.
hot dih = hot dog
guppy-guppy = guacamole
crack = cracker / chip
bee cup = a certain sippy cup with a bee on it, which sadly broke

More pictures to come!