1 month or 2 1/2 years today!

Lots has happened since I last blogged! Our sweet Adelyn is one month old today, and my little boy is two and a half!  Yes, they were both born on the 11th, just 29 months apart.

Ewan was immediately a sweet and loving big brother.  And only a fraction as jealous as I expected.  He loves to gently touch Adelyn’s head and asks to hold her (in his lap) all the time.  When she cries he says, “It’s okay, Adelyn.”  When she was just a few days old we were driving back home and Adelyn was screaming as she tends to do in her car seat, Ewan said, “It’s okay, Buddy, we’re almost home.”  Something we used to say to him fairly often.  Now if she starts crying and I don’t immediately go to her Ewan offers, “Baby Adelyn’s crying.  It’s okay, I’ll check on her.”  This usually means I should hurry after him because he will try to pick her up if I don’t. :)

The only problem Ewan has had is fake-crying to try to get attention.  We make him use words, but when he sees it work for Adelyn all the time, I guess it remains a temptation.

We took a video of Ewan meeting Adelyn for the first time (less than an hour after she was born).  He was far more interested in the gadgets in the room than his little sister, but he was sweet.  I added subtitles so you can understand Ewan.

Adelyn has grown so fast!  She was born at 7 lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 1 oz by day 12!  I am grateful she was a smaller-than-Ewan baby, but she did not stay small long.  At least I was able to squeeze her into newborn clothes for a week!

Adelyn started to smile intentionally this last week.  She prefers I hold her, but is equally generous to Mommy and Daddy with her smiles.  Ewan gets excited every time she looks at him, even if she’s not smiling.  (He also is impressed with her bubble-blowing skills.)

I plan to update here much more often, so stick around and thanks for hanging in there during my pregnant-sick-while-caring-for-a-toddler hiatus!


a winning smile

Ewan turned two almost 3 weeks ago, and he has since decided to have a fake smile just for the camera. Apparently an ideal smile for a two year old involves showing all his teeth and squinting his eyes.

first ride facing forward in the carseat

trying on little-sister-to-be’s bloomers (in case you haven’t heard – we’re having a girl!)

I heard “Mama, stuck! Mama, stuck!” and searched all over to find him shut in a crowded closet (the smile was just starting here)

making Mommy proud by sneaking her model molecule building kit

My little sister (who, like Ewan, has beautiful bright blue eyes) went through a phase when squinty-eyes and all-teeth was the only way she’d smile for a camera, too.  A very long phase.  Maybe Ewan’s will be a bit shorter.

Finally, a video for you.  Yesterday we tried to show him how to blow into a recorder and tin whistle to make the noise.  He kept singing with it in his mouth instead.  Today he picked them up on his own and played them just right!  Actually, he had both in his mouth at the same time.  I started taking a video, and he finally noticed me with the camera and went into his fake camera smile.  (It’s about 35 seconds in if you don’t want to hear a toddler and Joe play a recorder.)

The fake smile cracks me up, but I sure hope I’m still able to get pictures of those beautiful eyes!

Cousins playtime

For the most part, Ewan has been good about not getting into trouble while I’m not watching.  Given how sick I was for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, and then again for the last two weeks, he has had a lot of opportunity to practice.  At least he looks like he knows he’s in trouble for The Cheerio Incident.

We all were sick at points in the last few weeks, but it seems like we’re feeling better now.  Pray that illness stays far away!

Almost three weeks ago my sister and her family came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We went and saw the remodeled MSC at A&M, ate at Wings N More, and let the brothers-in-law see The Avengers.

This is the first time the cousins played together since Lucas has been walking, so that was a lot of fun.  We had to sneak this picture as Ewan ran from Joe to camera – he wouldn’t just stand still next to Lucas (he was so excited to have a little playmate all weekend).

Doesn’t Ewan appear to be wearing a hairpiece in this one?  It reminds me of the SNL ad for baby toupees.

Ewan got lots of love from his aunt and uncle.  We are so glad they came to visit!

Petting Zoo!

This weekend we went to the Texas A&M Vet School Open House.  We skipped most parts, but Ewan thoroughly enjoyed the petting zoo!  After his trepidations at the tent containing various breeds of dogs, I was not so sure he would like it.

Once Joe introduced Ewan to a baby goat, he was sold.  They were his favorite.  A teenaged girl saw Ewan having so much fun with them, she asked if she could give him some food to feed a baby goat (they sold food there).  We said yes, and Ewan had an audience of people clearly thinking toddler boy + baby goats = one of the cutest things ever.  I saw several girls taking cell phone pictures / video of him.  (I choose to be flattered instead of creeped out.)  After the food, one baby goat decided to give Ewan lots of “kisses” (licks) – the picture on the bottom left is Ewan getting a free ear cleaning.

The alpaca was very soft and sweet.  Ewan had no idea what it was, but was very excited when he first saw it – I love that he still waves his arms in the air when he gets excited about something.  Confession: At the time, we told him it was a llama.

Ewan kept squatting down and smiling at animals right in their face.  After petting so many soft animals, the wiry-haired pig was not his favorite.

Ewan had never touched a chicken before.  He liked the soft feathers.  When Ewan only said a few words, he would call chicken (like chicken nuggets or chicken and dumplings as well as chickens in his books), “bock bock” (the sound chickens make).  That stuck for a long time, and still he often calls chicken, “chicken bock bock.”  He has definitely known that he eats chicken, pig and cow, but I never know how his mind balances the food and the animals.  Several times when we’ve given him meat cooked a different way he’s asked, “Cat? Dog?” and we have to tell him it’s just chicken, not cooked cat or dog.  Tonight (the day after the petting zoo) we had some chicken breast and Ewan kept pointing to different parts of the meat and saying, “eyes, nose, mouth” just as he did with the live chicken.  Who knows what he thinks.  He still ate it.

One time Joe leaned over, only to have a deer pop up in his face.

A highlight for me was the wallaby carrying a baby in her pouch.

We had a good time, and as always it lifts our hearts to watch Ewan delighting in his experiences.

A baby on the way!

That’s right – we’re expecting a baby in mid-October!

That’s a picture of the little guy or gal at 10.5 weeks – a week ago. (profile – head on top)  It was great to get to see the baby wiggling all around with a strong heartbeat.  And the picture was so much more clear than with Ewan.

I’ve been rather pregnancy-sick the past several weeks, hence the blogging hiatus.  Also, Ewan has learned some new tricks (like unlocking, opening, and exiting the front door) that have made life rather busy at the moment.

Ewan is now 22 months old and him talking has become our primary source of entertainment.  Here are a few examples…

Every time Ewan hears a toilet flush he says, “Bye-bye poop!” This is great when we have company.

“Fall down-nuh!” is Ewan’s favorite game.  It involves Ewan and whoever he can convince to play (usually Daddy) falling down on his command.  Next he says, “Stand up!” and all involved stand up as fast as they can.  This is not a game I often have energy for. :)

Ewan has gotten more affectionate with his stuffed animals, and often likes to carry around his “beer” (teddy bear).

Ewan was looking at a picture of Joe and I at a friends wedding.  I asked who was in the picture and he said “Dadda, pretty Momma!”  He got whatever he wanted after that.

Another favorite past time is reading.  Ewan often demands “Ree-da-book!” (read the book) and hands you a book as he sits in your lap.

Ewan says computer in such a cute way.  For a week or so it was, “Come, Peter.”  Now it is “Com… pewter” as well as one of his favorite new toys (he has a toy laptop).

After each sneeze (whether his or ours) Ewan says ,”Pess-ooo” (bless you).

Ewan’s hair is getting quite long.  Every weekend we’re supposed to cut it, and every weekend something comes up. ;)