Happy {Belated} Easter – 2013!

Our playgroup this year did an Easter egg hunt.  We had 14 kids collecting plastic eggs in our backyard (plus four babies quietly observing).  After the eggs were emptied, they played outside and bounced in the bouncy house Ewan was given for Christmas.  They had a blast.easter egg hunt page small

We meant to be in San Antonio with my sister’s family for the weekend, but her son was sick – and it was his second birthday.  Instead, my parents visited here (Grandma was determined to at least see some grandchildren).  We got the garden planted and enjoyed each others’ company.

Ewan wore the same outfit as last Easter.  He will turn three next month!  I love the sweet boy he is becoming, but pictures from last year make me miss the baby he was.

ewan easter outfit page last year vs this SMALL

(Easter 2012 on left, Easter 2013 on right – see more of last years pics here)

Grandma brought down some clothes for Adelyn.  They were all 12 month size, but this one fit perfect and was a great Easter dress.  I still can only get one picture taken on her back before she rolls over, and now she will try to crawl off, too!adelyn easter outfit page SMALL
We had a good Easter and look forward to celebrating our nephew’s birthday sometime soon.  By then maybe we’ll have uncovered the last of the plastic eggs hidden in our yard.



Right now, sweet little Adelyn has pneumonia. Yesterday the doctor said we caught it very early so hopefully she will recover quickly.

Grandpa Tom (Joe’s dad) was recently hospitalized for a bad cough that turned out to be some heart (and other) problems. Fortunately, he was sent home Monday and is feeling much better and finally sleeping some! For part of his hospital stay, Joe’s mom came and stayed with us. Ewan especially had some good bonding time.

Ewan and Grandma Glo (with my help) made a get well card for Grandpa Tom.

Grandma Glo Ewan small

Ewan’s face was my fault. I told him to smile bigger.

Ewan and Grandma also enjoyed some good reading time.

Grandma Glo Ewan reading small

Friday, Ewan and I took Adelyn to the doctor. RSV and a nasty cold / flu are going around, so I was expecting one of those to be the problem. To my surprise, the doctor ordered chest X-rays. Fortunately, we could get them just down the hall and then go back to the pediatrician for results.

The radiation technician was eager to bribe Ewan to come behind the wall while Adelyn “had her picture taken.” Ewan kept reminding Adelyn to smile. :) He came away from the deal with two Thomas the Train stickers and a lollipop! The sucker was grape-flavored and Ewan’s never had one of those. He asked several times for peanut butter to go with it (I guess it tasted like grape jelly).

Poor second child, somehow I haven’t taken any pictures of her in the last two weeks! She is still adorable, and here is a good one from after Christmas with Auntie Emily.

Emily Adelyn small

Friday before we went to the doctor, Ewan and I were praying for Adelyn to feel better. I said some then asked Ewan if he wanted to say anything. He said, “Dear God, please put your hand on Adelyn’s head.” Ewan was doing just that at the time, and loves to just stand beside her with his hand on her head. It’s not phrase we’ve ever used, instead something he does all the time. It’s sweet to know he sees it as something that makes her feel better. Join us in praying this little one gets better soon!

hugs and kisses Ewan Adelyn small

a winning smile

Ewan turned two almost 3 weeks ago, and he has since decided to have a fake smile just for the camera. Apparently an ideal smile for a two year old involves showing all his teeth and squinting his eyes.

first ride facing forward in the carseat

trying on little-sister-to-be’s bloomers (in case you haven’t heard – we’re having a girl!)

I heard “Mama, stuck! Mama, stuck!” and searched all over to find him shut in a crowded closet (the smile was just starting here)

making Mommy proud by sneaking her model molecule building kit

My little sister (who, like Ewan, has beautiful bright blue eyes) went through a phase when squinty-eyes and all-teeth was the only way she’d smile for a camera, too.  A very long phase.  Maybe Ewan’s will be a bit shorter.

Finally, a video for you.  Yesterday we tried to show him how to blow into a recorder and tin whistle to make the noise.  He kept singing with it in his mouth instead.  Today he picked them up on his own and played them just right!  Actually, he had both in his mouth at the same time.  I started taking a video, and he finally noticed me with the camera and went into his fake camera smile.  (It’s about 35 seconds in if you don’t want to hear a toddler and Joe play a recorder.)

The fake smile cracks me up, but I sure hope I’m still able to get pictures of those beautiful eyes!

Cousins playtime

For the most part, Ewan has been good about not getting into trouble while I’m not watching.  Given how sick I was for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, and then again for the last two weeks, he has had a lot of opportunity to practice.  At least he looks like he knows he’s in trouble for The Cheerio Incident.

We all were sick at points in the last few weeks, but it seems like we’re feeling better now.  Pray that illness stays far away!

Almost three weeks ago my sister and her family came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We went and saw the remodeled MSC at A&M, ate at Wings N More, and let the brothers-in-law see The Avengers.

This is the first time the cousins played together since Lucas has been walking, so that was a lot of fun.  We had to sneak this picture as Ewan ran from Joe to camera – he wouldn’t just stand still next to Lucas (he was so excited to have a little playmate all weekend).

Doesn’t Ewan appear to be wearing a hairpiece in this one?  It reminds me of the SNL ad for baby toupees.

Ewan got lots of love from his aunt and uncle.  We are so glad they came to visit!

A romantic at heart – 21 months

Ewan has a new obsession: kisses.  Better now than in 15 years, I guess.

One of his Christmas books ends with Mrs. Claus giving Santa a loud kiss under the mistletoe (you’ll see it in the video).  Every day, Ewan insists that daddy read this book, and open and close the final “kissing” page over and over.  Ewan even rubs his face against it to get in on the kissing action.

Before bed every night Ewan demands at least one kiss from Mommy and will push the back of both our heads saying “KISS!!!” until Mommy and Daddy kiss, too.  This is also a favorite when Daddy comes home from work.

A week ago I was cooking and Ewan kept asking to be picked up.  I told him he had to wait because it was hot and not safe.  After a couple of “Yet?” and “No, not yet” interactions, he finally begged “Kiss, please?”  How you could say no?  He got a kiss from me and then ran off to play.

Two days ago he asked for a kiss from me and kept saying “Gint! Gint!” (again, again in Ewanese) until he had so many kisses it turned into tickling.

Most of Ewan’s friends had a Valentine’s Day party on Wednesday, but we stayed home since Ewan was sick.  A friend dropped off egg-free chocolate cupcakes for Ewan and I, and they were both thoroughly enjoyed!  Since this was Ewan’s first chocolate dessert, and first cake of any type since his first birthday, I recorded him eating it.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

If you didn’t get a copy of our Christmas card (like above) and want one, let me know your address and I’ll send one your way!  We didn’t have everyone’s addresses, but have extras to share.  Here are some outtakes from our Christmas card photo shoot. (Special thanks to Chris and Allie for taking the pictures, Astrid for several of the props, and Terri for props and letting us use her awesome camera!)

How many hipster items can you spot?  Not all are visible in every shot.

When we looked back through the pictures, Joe asked if that was extensions or my real hair.  Really?  I haven’t had a hair cut in over two years (I know, it’s bad) but you thought I got extensions without you knowing?  For the record, it’s real hair, except for the orange feathers I tied in (which are hardly visible in these shots).

Ewan kept wiping off his washable marker ‘stache.

Also, our small group at church did a short video about peace for Advent.  Here is Ewan’s blessing of peace that we had at the end.

Merry Christmas and peace to you all!