Happy {Belated} Easter – 2013!

Our playgroup this year did an Easter egg hunt.  We had 14 kids collecting plastic eggs in our backyard (plus four babies quietly observing).  After the eggs were emptied, they played outside and bounced in the bouncy house Ewan was given for Christmas.  They had a blast.easter egg hunt page small

We meant to be in San Antonio with my sister’s family for the weekend, but her son was sick – and it was his second birthday.  Instead, my parents visited here (Grandma was determined to at least see some grandchildren).  We got the garden planted and enjoyed each others’ company.

Ewan wore the same outfit as last Easter.  He will turn three next month!  I love the sweet boy he is becoming, but pictures from last year make me miss the baby he was.

ewan easter outfit page last year vs this SMALL

(Easter 2012 on left, Easter 2013 on right – see more of last years pics here)

Grandma brought down some clothes for Adelyn.  They were all 12 month size, but this one fit perfect and was a great Easter dress.  I still can only get one picture taken on her back before she rolls over, and now she will try to crawl off, too!adelyn easter outfit page SMALL
We had a good Easter and look forward to celebrating our nephew’s birthday sometime soon.  By then maybe we’ll have uncovered the last of the plastic eggs hidden in our yard.


Mmm, watermelon

I consumed a crazy amount of watermelon and naval oranges before Ewan was born (and just after).

Now Ewan and I can finish off a quarter watermelon in two days… if we show much restraint and save a slice for day two.

Sure he was making a mess, but how can you take it away from a little guy this happy?  I’d rather clean the floor more often. :)

I tried to confine the mess without limiting the fun by putting him in a chair by the window.  It worked wonderfully.

He seems to like the green part as much as the red, but I did eventually take it away.  He’s breaking through two molars, so the cold watermelon hits the spot.  It’s funny how his hair can look anywhere from white-blond to dirty-blond to reddish depending on the light.  And I just love the curls in back.

Unfortunately, the watermelon is not from our garden (the watermelon has not grown well), but Ewan has been enjoying our homegrown cantaloupe!

Still the same Ewan

Ewan was sick, we’ve been traveling and I’ve been working and that has reducing the amount of blogging I’ve done the past several weeks.  But Ewan is still up to the same types of tricks.

Here are some examples from last week.

Just like a couple of months ago, Ewan can act both sweet and crazy (there’s some Kix cereal in his mouth in the second one)…

As always, he gets great joy out of achieving something that seems difficult or impossible (that’s a very short exercise trampoline he’s crawling under)…

And he often finds ways to freak out mom in the process.  I was typing a quick email while he played at my feet when I heard a weird sound.  I looked down and he was gone.  Not far, just behind the computer desk (yes, the same one he climbed on before).  And so proud of himself.

Now he’s helping even more in the garden!  Friday afternoon we splashed in his baby pool and I got out periodically to move the water hose.  One time I returned to the pool and he insisted on getting out.  Without any encouragement from me, he moved the water hose from one garden bed to another!  It’s a little scary how much he notices what we do and wants to copy us.

Finally, he’s still finding new ways to get into trouble.  “No mom, I didn’t pull a napkin off the table and shred it!  Why would you suspect such a thing?”

mommy’s little gardener

Poor Ewan has two molars coming in and is in a lot of pain.  He also has high fever.  It started Wednesday and I took him in to the doctor Thursday.  She showed me how bad his gums looked, but said that everything else looks fine (ears, throat, nose).

Since last night the fever has been 103.6 – 104.4 when the medicine wears off, and only down to 101-102 with the medicine.  Today he’s been crying randomly a lot.  He has not been sleeping well – both acetaminophen and ibuprofen take a long time to kick in so when they wear off and he wakes up burning up it takes an hour or so for him to go back to sleep.

I hate it when he feels so bad and I can’t really help.

We got outside yesterday and Ewan helped water the herbs.  He’s getting so big!

and helped cool himself off a little…

Summer Garden!

I haven’t shared about our garden!  It’s doing great as long as we remember to water it.

See if you can name these herbs:

If you guessed something like Phil, Cheryl, Margaret, Paul, Tim, and Simon, you are wrong.  Herbs (clockwise from top left): thyme, basil, oregano, lemon balm, garlic chives, and rosemary.  We also have mint and chocolate mint (they look much like the lemon balm but with darker leaves).

This year (so far) our fruits and veggies are doing great! (Yes, I just used the word “great” to avoid figuring out if “good” or “well” is correct.)

In three rows, left to right:
top row: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, Roma tomatoes
middle small row: cucumbers, cucumbers (a different type), figs, tomatoes, Roma tomatoes (a different type)
bottom row: zucchini, sweet bell pepper, yellow straight-neck squash, banana pepper.
We also have another sweet bell pepper (so we have red & orange) that is not pictured.

I love coming out to the garden and seeing how much things have grown from the day before.  It’s crazy fast.  Like Ewan finding cardboard fast.  I most excited about the watermelon – this is the first time I’ve tried growing it.  I’m looking forward to a lot of meatballs, pasta sauces, cucumber dip, and salsa!

Update: I took the pictures and started this post over a week ago.  Since we have harvested several more yellow squash and zucchini, but the birds attacked the biggest watermelon.  Hopefully other watermelons will make it through, and we have one cantaloupe and one honeydew that are probably big enough to pick

If a tree falls in the front yard…

and you used a chainsaw to make it happen, is there ANYONE who doesn’t hear it?

Danny  and Joe (with help from Ken’s chain saw) cut a large branch off of a tree in our front yard.  This makes one less branch that is likely to fall on our house AND gives more light to the little plum tree we planted.cut_tree

We recently (well, within the last three weeks) planted fig, apple, and plum trees in our yard!  Though we may have to wait to get the fruit, I’m glad we got the in the ground.  Now all of them are sprouting leaves and loving all the rain we’ve had lately.  We even have some plum blossoms that smell lovely.