Happy {Belated} Easter – 2013!

Our playgroup this year did an Easter egg hunt.  We had 14 kids collecting plastic eggs in our backyard (plus four babies quietly observing).  After the eggs were emptied, they played outside and bounced in the bouncy house Ewan was given for Christmas.  They had a blast.easter egg hunt page small

We meant to be in San Antonio with my sister’s family for the weekend, but her son was sick – and it was his second birthday.  Instead, my parents visited here (Grandma was determined to at least see some grandchildren).  We got the garden planted and enjoyed each others’ company.

Ewan wore the same outfit as last Easter.  He will turn three next month!  I love the sweet boy he is becoming, but pictures from last year make me miss the baby he was.

ewan easter outfit page last year vs this SMALL

(Easter 2012 on left, Easter 2013 on right – see more of last years pics here)

Grandma brought down some clothes for Adelyn.  They were all 12 month size, but this one fit perfect and was a great Easter dress.  I still can only get one picture taken on her back before she rolls over, and now she will try to crawl off, too!adelyn easter outfit page SMALL
We had a good Easter and look forward to celebrating our nephew’s birthday sometime soon.  By then maybe we’ll have uncovered the last of the plastic eggs hidden in our yard.


A New Year!

Two little ones are certainly keeping me busy!  I want to remember so much about what makes this time of life special, but keep finding myself without time or too tired.  So I know I’ll be leaving out a lot, but I’m going to try to record a little at least.

We had a quiet New Years Day.  Ewan is congested so he woke up a lot during the night – but that means he slept in until almost 11am!  Adelyn seemed to not want to miss the New Years Eve party, so she was happy to sleep in, too.  Great news for us!


I gave Joe a haircut and he trimmed his beard, so Ewan saw the shaving cream out and wanted to play with it.  Soon he insisted that he put some on Mommy, too.  “Let Ewan do it” is a common phrase in our house now, but he does understand there are certain things he can’t do – like put things in the oven – and he doesn’t argue about those things.


Adelyn enjoyed relaxing with Daddy.Image

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

If you didn’t get a copy of our Christmas card (like above) and want one, let me know your address and I’ll send one your way!  We didn’t have everyone’s addresses, but have extras to share.  Here are some outtakes from our Christmas card photo shoot. (Special thanks to Chris and Allie for taking the pictures, Astrid for several of the props, and Terri for props and letting us use her awesome camera!)

How many hipster items can you spot?  Not all are visible in every shot.

When we looked back through the pictures, Joe asked if that was extensions or my real hair.  Really?  I haven’t had a hair cut in over two years (I know, it’s bad) but you thought I got extensions without you knowing?  For the record, it’s real hair, except for the orange feathers I tied in (which are hardly visible in these shots).

Ewan kept wiping off his washable marker ‘stache.

Also, our small group at church did a short video about peace for Advent.  Here is Ewan’s blessing of peace that we had at the end.

Merry Christmas and peace to you all!

Cute cousins at Thanksgiving

Ewan got to play with his cousin on Thanksgiving Day!  Lucas was almost 8 months old, Ewan was 18 months.

Here is a great video of the two cousins dancing.

Ewan shared some secrets.

Lucas shared some toys.

They both shared an interest in mobility carts.

Grandma was a popular person.

Ewan showed Lucas how to wrestle with Grandma Kay…

Focus on weaker spots, like the face…

This is the best way to pull her shirt over her head…

Before finishing her off!

Yes, this is how Ewan prefers to play at home with me. :)

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Joe’s family came in town Saturday to celebrate Tom’s birthday and we all went out to a pumpkin patch.

Ewan had a great time, but was hard to keep up with!  It was nothing like last year’s photoshoot where I just had to worry about him falling over.  Almost 5 months old and 17.5 months old are very different.

Ewan kept calling all the pumpkins apples – he ran around touching each one and saying “ap-PULL!”  Here’s a video:

and a photo of the same:

We tried to get him to pose in the area set up for photos.  Joe stood him on the hay, but he just said “down” and signed “please” until Joe helped him back down.

He did enjoy the scarecrow!

Otherwise, the movement was non-stop!

It’s fun to imagine what next year will be like… Will he pose but with a fake smile?  Will he share his daddy’s love of pumpkins?  Will he have a little brother or sister in tow?  For me, looking at the changes each year is the best part of celebrating seasons.  We’ll have to wait and see what comes next year!